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    X-FIPER New Material Co., Ltd is established in 2005, a hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and production of meta-aramid and high performance aramid paper.In 2007, it started mass production of X-FIPER meta-aramid and X-FIPER aramid paper with complete intellectual property. The company has been in the industrials for over ten years. With the implementation total quality management, the meta-aramid and aramid paper have reached world-class advanced level. From the time when X-FIPER obtained the first UL certification in 2009, the company gained the  certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, AS9100D, IATF16949.
    “Technological Innovation, People Oriented” is the leading theme of R&D team which is led by doctors and masters, cooperating with several universities and research institutes to improve innovation and development capabilities.Currently we have had over 40 invention patents and utility patents.Exploring new area and producing high-quality products is our persistent pursuit. Over last decade, our R&D team follows the principle of realistic and innovation. With the increasing varieties of X-FIPER aramid products, the product rang is enhanced.
    X-FIPER aramid products have wide range of applications and bright future. It has been widely used in the areas such as aviation, high-speed rail train, light rail train, automotive, high-voltage insulation ,  fire service, industrial protection, wind power, household appliances, high temperature filtration.
    X-FIPER follows the core value of “to be the First in Customer Acceptance, to be a Popular Person, Establish a Popular Company”.  X-FIPER aramid products have won the trust from well-known company both domestically and internationally, including Airbus, AVIC, Shanghai Electric, Midea, China National Building Materials, Jihua Group, etc.
    With over ten years’ innovation and development, the company has been awarded with dozens of  honors, including “National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize”, “Shanghai Science and Technology Progress First Prize”, “China Textile Industry Association Science and Technology First Prize” and “Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center”, etc.
    We firmly believe that "the Innovative Material Industry” will become the co,precursor of the future development of high-tech industries.     X-FIPER New Material Co., Ltd is striving towards the goal of “Becoming a World-class New Advanced Material Manufacturing Enterprise”.  We firmly believe we will have a brighter future!

X-FIPER Meta Aramid Fiber

The aramid paper produced by the company includes two series of insulating paper and honeycomb paper and dozens of products. At the same time, it has also developed aramid insulating composite materials. Aramid paper made of aramid staple fiber and aramid fibrid as the main raw material has high strength, low deformation, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant and excellent electrical insulation properties. Widely used in national defense, aerospace, high-speed trains, electrical insulation, new energy and other fields. The honeycomb material processed from aramid paper has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, low smoke toxicity, good bearing and compressive performance, etc. It is used in aircraft manufacturing, new energy, subway, light rail, high-speed rail trains , manufacture and interior decoration of high-speed boats and yachts. In recent years, it has also been used in the decoration of curtain wall panels, ceilings, floors, partitions and furniture manufacturing.
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X-FIPER Meta Aramid Paper

The aramid 1313 fiber produced by the company includes two series of natural white fiber and dope dyed fiber. Aramid 1313 fiber can be used in environmental protection dust filter bags, fire suits, flight suits, Production and processing of military and police uniforms, emergency rescue clothing, heat insulation clothing, smelting clothing, electric welding clothing, anti-arc clothing, household flame retardant clothing, protective hoods, industrial hoods, tablecloths, carpets, curtains, and automotive fire blankets. In the test report: "Oxygen Index" should be "Limiting Oxygen Index", and the "Combustion Performance" line: carbonization without droplets and self-extinguishing from the fire.
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